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May 2020

Facebook Launches Shops, Another Attempt At Ecommerce.

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Mark Zuckerberg announced on Tuesday that Facebook is launching “Facebook Shops“, a brand new feature that will allow small businesses to set up shop online and sell seamlessly through the Facebook group of apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

This is another attempt to corner the online shopping market as Facebook pushes further into eCommerce once more by rolling out Facebook Shops to the world. Making it easier for small businesses to set up shop online through Facebook and Instagram.

It isn’t the first time that Facebook has tried to enter the eCommerce market, as there is already the ability to create a shop on Facebook pages. However, with Facebook’s track record of privacy issues such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal back in early 2018, people have been reluctant to jump on board with worry about their personal details getting into the wrong hands.

Although that said, Facebook has learned a lot from that and back on March 6th 2019 Mark Zuckerberg talked about “A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking” for the Facebook group of platforms.  We’ve already seen a lot of more security conscious changes in those apps and these will only help people feel safer with their information on Facebook.

So now may be a perfect time for them to try again. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, more people are spending time online during their time in lockdown or self-isolation and are finding ways to keep in touch with their friends and family, and social networks such as Facebook have seen a huge surge in usage of their apps.

With people in lockdown and self-isolation they still have to live, and online shopping for certain products has been an essential way to survive, so people have had to adapt and learn how to use internet shopping for their essential products. Some industries have seen massive demand for their products, supermarkets especially, but as people are restricted to venturing too far they have started to use local small businesses more.

With Facebook Shops it gives small businesses another outlet to sell their products through the largest social networking platform in the world and connect online with customers wherever and whenever it is easier and convenient for them.

Facebook Shops are free and easy to create, and if you already had a shop setup previous to the launch then it will simply convert to the new version. You can create a new shop through Facebook or Instagram and you’ll also be able to converse with your customers through WhatsApp and Messenger.

We’re really excited by this new feature from Facebook and we look forward to seeing many more small businesses setting up their very own online shop.

If you want more information on how Facebook shops work or want to get setup when they are rolled out to you, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to get you all ready for online sales.

Message us through Facebook Messenger on m.me/UKSBN or email us on contact@uksmallbusinessnetwork.com

Email us on info@uksmallbusinessnetwork.com

April 2020

Online Shopping Events

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Facebook Online Shopping Events

Online Shopping Event

Hey All!

Hope you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times?

In light of recent circumstances and to help support small businesses further during these very difficult times, we are inviting small businesses from across our UK networks to join us in our first pop up ONLINE Shopping Event. All performed from the comfort of your own home.

We are looking for businesses that are looking to promote and sell their items or services in this online event, which will be held on Sunday 10th May between 3pm and 6pm.

A pop up slot will be £5 per person which will cover the cost of the event and its promotion. We will be promoting the event here on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you would like to apply for the event (or would like more information) please email us on contact@uksmallbusinessnetwork.com with:
• Your name
• Your Facebook business page name
• A brief description of your business, products and/or services

Applications need to be submitted to us by 9pm Friday 8th May latest.

June 2018

Buckley Shopping Centre PopUp Shops

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PopUp Shops

Have you ever wanted to have a shop space on your local high street or shopping centre but the cost of the rent, the rates, and lengthy contracts have put you off?

Well, we have an opportunity for you to do just that, without the high cost and long term contracts. We’re pleased to announce that our Flintshire Small Business Network are opening up our very first PopUp Shops in Buckley, Flintshire at 10am on Monday 10th June and Buckley has the largest population in Flintshire with a community of over 21,500 people.

What is a PopUp Shop?

PopUp Shops are usually an empty space where a business can PopUp to raise awareness, showcase and promote their business & products or services to the local community for a short period of time.

PopUp Shops aren’t anything new, in fact, businesses have been popping up for many years now and even some of the biggest brands have opened up successful PopUp Shops.

What are the benefits to PopUp Shops?

  • They have become very popular with businesses and consumers alike
  • Are usually a short term lease with no lengthy contracts
  • They are relatively low cost to rent
  • Great for launching a new brand, product or service to see if there is a demand for what you do
  • Connect with the local community
  • They create a “FOMO” effect, where consumers have a “Fear Of Missing Out” on something
  • Consumers love the excitement generated by PopUp shops
  • Fantastic for raising brand awareness in the community

Why PopUp with the Flintshire Small Business Network?

Buckley Shopping Centre PopUp Shops

When you PopUp with us, we can offer you a space from 2×2 metres, right up to renting the whole shop unit.

Prices start at £15 per day for a 2×2 metre space. If you book 7 consecutive days then the price is just £10 per day, plus we’ll advertise your businesses in our window display for no extra cost. Window displays are created by the very talented Natalie J Griffiths Illustration, check her awesome page out on Facebook.

PopUp Shop Window Display

In addition to that, we can also offer you:

  • A place for your business to PopUp at Buckley Shopping Centre and showcase your business, products or services to the local Buckley community and spread the word about your business.
  • Free advertising across our local social networks while you popup with us on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages
  • Free local delivery within 2 miles of the PopUp Shop if a customer requests it, regardless of whether they purchase online or in-store from you

We open our doors to the Buckley public from 10am through til 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

If you wish to apply for a PopUp space please request an application form on m.me/FlintshireSBN

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April 2018

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Seminar

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Seminar.

We’ve teamed up with Comms Management and the Townley Group to bring you a FREE seminar about the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Starting from May the 25th 2018, a new European privacy regulation called GDPR will be enforced that will permanently change the way businesses collect, store and use customer data.

Who is presenting?

The session will be hosted by Joe Burns, Technical Director of the Townley Group. Joe is a certified cyber essentials practitioner, ethical hacker and GDPR expert who delivers talks and seminars for businesses and corporations nationwide, ranging from football clubs to law societies.

What’s covered?

  • What is GDPR?
  • What will it mean for you and your role?
  • What you need to be considering
  • GDPR best practices
  • How you can implement changes
  • Tips and tricks plus Q&A time
  • Questions and Answers


Spaces are limited so make sure you snap them up!

Join us on 9th May with Comms Management and the Townley Group for a FREE seminar on the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We have 2 venues available to attend in the following locations:



Facebook Becomes More Local

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Over the last 5 months or so Facebook has set its sights on becoming more like us, more vocal about local!

It’s no secret that we have been big believers in everything local ever since we started off our very first local Small Business Network Facebook page in Flintshire, North Wales some time ago. From supporting and promoting small businesses to sharing events and job listings, it’s all been done on a local level, raising awareness in the local community.

Since then we’ve added many more local Small Business Network Facebook pages, and now we have the whole of Wales covered. We’ve started branching out into England and Scotland too, with plans to extend into Northern Ireland later this year. So what you’ll read in this post, just emphasizes to us how important local is to Facebook and their community too.

Facebook Local App

Facebook Local App

In November of last year, they rebranded their “Facebook Events” app and renamed it “Facebook Local”, it’s described as an app that helps you discover places and things to do recommended by friends you know and trust. Keep up with what’s happening locally – wherever you are – whether you’re looking for something to do with friends this weekend or want to explore a new neighbourhood.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or you can find it in the iTunes App Store.

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Welcome To Our New Home

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Welcome to the brand new website and blog for the UK Small Business Network.

Previously you could only find us on the popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest. Although you’ll still find us on there too, we thought it was time we set up our very own home.

Whilst we think setting up on social networks are great, especially for startups wanting to test the waters to see if there is a requirement for what they are doing (it’s how we started), those pages you’ve set up on them aren’t really yours. They belong to the social network and they can delete your account for any reason and at any time, without notice. Think about it, where would that leave your business if that happened?

There are many benefits to having your own website and we’ll be talking more about that in future blog posts, so keep checking back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the post so you don’t miss anything.

In our blog, you’ll find us posting and sharing lots of interesting articles about new internet technology and software that can be used for small business marketing. There is an abundance of online tools out there that small businesses can use, some charge a small fee, while others are free to use. We’ll be covering these tools in future blog posts by showing you how you could use them in your marketing to help you grow your small business and expand your network.

A lot of small businesses are just joining the digital revolution and are trying to understand which are the best channels to use and how best to use them to their advantage. In this day and age, small businesses can compete with larger businesses by applying social, local and mobile methodologies to their marketing mix. We’re seeing lots of household names crumbling and going out of business, simply because they haven’t kept up with technology and the way consumers are shopping these days. Keep up with the trends or prepare to fail, it is as simple as that!

We regularly keep up to date with news from all the major social networks and influencers in the marketing industry, so that we can in-turn, bring you the latest and most current news about what’s happening, such as new features being tested and rolled out by the social networks that you can use as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Over the coming months we’ll be adding more products and services to our website, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list for our monthly newsletter and you’ll be one of the first to find out what is going on at the UK Small Business Network.

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